November 14th , 2021


The United Nations in 2015 adopted the Sustainable Development Goals with an aim to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that by 2030, all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Gender equality awareness and empowerment stems from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG 5). SDG 5 aims at achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls.

HOMERANGE in partnership with Bestlink Consultancy with the support and funding from the German Cooperation (GIZ) Progamme Migration and Diaspora (PMD) implimented the "GENDER EQUALITY AWARENESS AND EMPOWERMENT OF RURAL WOMEN AND GIRLS" in October 2021. This project was implemented in Emali/Mulala ward, Kibwezi West subcounty, Makueni County and at Muchatha ward, Kiambaa SUbcounty, Kiambu County - Kenya.

The interventions that were implimented under this project were as follows:-

1) Preparation of a Gender Equality and Economic Empowerment Booklet:

Under this activity, Evelyn Kilemi (Lead Consultant) and Ian Mutwiri (Consultant) of Bestlink Consultancy Centre authored a booklet titled “ADVANCING GENDER EQUALITY AWARENESS AND EMPOWERMENT IN KENYA”

This booklet was critical towards ensuring that the training participants had material to take home for reference purposes and to sensitize others on the importance of gender equality and women economic empowerment.



2) Preparation of IEC Materials for public awareness:

We prepared and produced IEC materials for public awareness. The posters are critical in disseminating the information provided therein to other members of the public who did not benefit from the trainings.

The content of the posters was explained at length to the training participants who in turn will be able to share the information with their peers.
The posters were also printed and have since been distributed to the following areas;-

(i) To the training participants themselves;
(ii) Group leaders of the groups that attended the trainings in Kiambu and Makueni Counties
(iii) Ward Administrator’s Office – Emali-Mulala Ward
(iv) Karuri Police Station/Muchatha Police Post – Kiambu County
(v) Kasarani Police Station/Mwiki Police Station – Nairobi County
(vi) Child Protection Offices – Kasarani Sub-County
(vii) DCI Crime Office – Nairobi County
(viii) Murema Primary School – Kasarani Sub-County ECDE Parents meeting



3) Train One Hundred and Twenty (120) women/men on gender equality and economic empowerment:

Under this intervention, the targeted women were trained at Emali - Makueni County and at Muchatha - Kiambu County.

4) Support women by providing chicks and feeds to foster economic empowerment:

During the trainings, the participants shared their experiences at the family levels and we were able to realize that there was a direct link between women economic empowerment and the attainment of gender equality. It was quite clear that if the rural women and girls are not economically empowered, it will be impossible for them to achieve gender equality.

As part of supporting the women and empowering them economically, HOMERANGE offered their expertise in building the capacity of these women on poultry production, after which the women were supported with month old chicks and feeds to last the 4 months duration to maturity of the chicken.


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