Some of the benefits that YOU will enjoy by joining our Lisha Kuku Lipa Polepole Programme include:

1) Flexible MONTHLY payments to cover the inputs you receive (i.e. Chicks and Feeds)

The prohibitive high cost of production especially due to the high cost of inputs is a major challenge that we seek to address through our LKLP Programme.

By joining the programme, you will enjoy flexibility in funding your chicken project by accessing inputs while making FIXED MONTHLY instalment payment for them, without the need to pay in full for each consignment of inputs received.

Payment for the inputs has been broken down into five (5) equal montly instalments that give you ease of planning based on your monthly income.

We have production packages from as low as fifty (50) chicken that ensures affordability for any investor seeking to enjoy ease of payments with no strain! Lisha kuku bila STRESS!

2) Ready market through buy-back of your chicken at maturity (5 months)

We understand that access to a ready market when your kienyeji chicken is ready remains a key challenge.

By being a member of our Lisha Kuku Lipa Polepole Programme, you are GUARANTEED A READY MARKET for your kienyeji chicken once it attains a maturity age of five (5) months.

This ready market is guranteed by us buying-back your kienyeji chicken at maturity.

2) Access to High Quality KARI Improved Kienyeji Day Old Chicks

By join our Lisha Kuku Lipa Polepole Programme, you are guaranteed access to our high quality day old chicks in a PRIORITY / FAST-TRACKED BASIS. This is done to ensure that you commence your project under this LKLP programme in a TIMELY manner hence ensuring we have sufficient levels of mature kienyeji chicken available to meet the high demand that exist for kienyeji chicken meat.

3) Beginner Comprehensive Training on Kienyeji Chicken Production Standards

To ensure standardization of the kienyeji chicken that you and other members of the programme produce, we give access to a comprehensive poultry production training that equips you with the knowledge of how to manage and rear your kienyeji chicken to the LKLP programme standards.

During this training, you will be provided with a POULTRY PRODUCTION MANUAL / GUIDE that contains the required standards on how your chicken must be managed.

4) Access to High Quality and Affordable Poultry Feeds

By join our Lisha Kuku Lipa Polepole Programme, you are guaranteed access to high quality chicken feeds that are affordable ensuring that you produce your kienyeji chicken at a low cost. By accessing affordable feeds that lower your cost of production, a higher profit margin will be realised upon sale of your kienyeji chicken particularly through direct sales to the consumption market.


For any further enquiries / clarification please contact our Customer Care on Call / SMS / Whatsapp 0727 200 116.



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