July 19, 2019


Ian Mutwiri quit his job and ventured into poultry farming which he now says is the best decision he has ever made

“If you are not enjoying your job, then you are in the wrong profession,” opens Ian Mutwiri, chief executive officer at Homerange Poultry Kenya.

Mutwiri, who is a lawyer by profession, has never practised law. After graduating, he secured a job in the banking sector but later realized that he was not happy. He therefore decided to quit in 2010. “Although the job was economically fulfilling, I was not emotionally satisfied. I wanted to invest in something that I like.” By then, he was just 25 years.

After trying his hand in a few business enterprises including branding and real estate companies, Mutwiri eventually decided to venture into farming. He did intensive research on rabbit and pig farming, but the issues of space, where he could buy piglets, market as well as profitability were major challenges. Ultimately, he settled on poultry farming where he considered rearing layers and broilers. However, he was put off by the costs and risks involved. Besides, he did not want to rear exotic chicken.

Luckily, while he was still doing his research, he came across the just launched improved kienyeji chicken by Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI). “The product was new in the market thus there was little information on the internet. “I therefore decided to go to KARI offices to learn more about the breed,” recalls Mutwiri. That same day he ordered 200 chicks (which were to be delivered a month later), bearing in mind that he had no space or chicken coops where he could keep them.

“I leased a small piece of land in Ruaka and started to construct structures. The lease cost me Kshs. 5,000 per month,” he explains.

Today, Mutwiri owns Homerange Poultry Kenya that purely specializes in the sale of KARI improved kienyeji chicken. He has over 5,000 kienyenji chicken. He says he earns a tidy sum from the sale of the birds. His Ruaka farm has over 2,000 chicken, while another farm in Syokimau has over 3,000.

Homerange was established in 2013 and has continued to provide farmers with quality chicks besides building their capacities through training and support to enable them achieve success in their poultry farming ventures.

Even though the kienyeji chicken take longer to mature, Mutwiri chose this breed since it is cheaper to feed compared with other exotric breeds. The chicks are also resistant to diseases unlike other breeds such as layers, broilers and the ordinary kienyeji chicken. “I sell a one day old chick at Kshs. 120, a month old at Kshs. 300, while a mature chicken costs Kshs. 800.” When you do your maths well, you realize that the Kienyeji chicken is more lucrative,” he quips.

Quite techno-savvy, Mutwiri has exploited digital platforms to learn tips on poultry farming. In fact, he has written a comprehensive rearing guide on kienyeji chicken farming that sells at Kshs. 850.

“The market is there. In fact, you cannot satisfy demand for Kienyeji chicken in Kenya. “As a matter of fact, the orders I have for day- and month –old KARI improved kienyeji chicken is overwhelming.” Besides, the practices applied on this breed makes it healthier and of high quality. Currently, people who are more health conscious have resulted to consuming kienyeji chicken meat.


For further reading please visit https://biasharaleo.co.ke/lawyer-banks-on-kienyeji-chicken-to-generate-wealth/

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