Date: Saturday, 27th January 2018

Time: 9.30am - 4.30 pm

Venue: Homerange Ruaka Poultry Farm, along Limuru road - Ruaka Town.

Deadline for Booking and Registration:
25th January 2018.


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Training and Capacity Building:

We provide tailor-made training to individuals, organisations, groups and chamas on various best practices that one needs to apply in their poultry farming project inorder to get optimum production from their flock, and consequently increase their income.

In the past three (3) years, our training has directly benefited over 10,000 individuals who were either previously engaged in or started their poultry farming projects after attending our training. In so doing, we have made a direct contribution towards creation of jobs for youth and growth of the economy with reference to the agricultural sector.

Our training covers both an in-depth theory and a practical-approach where participants of the training get a chance to visit one of our poultry farm for purposes of conceptualising and learning practically how all the best practices that they have learnt during the theory part is actually applied at the poultry farm. We organise this training on a frequency of atleast once a month and the training is open to any member of the public keen on venturing into poultry farming to attend.

Off-site Training:
We also conduct training 'off-site' where a group of atleast 20 people who have organised themselves at their locality make a formal request to us via sms or email to forward a trainer to them to conduct training at their locality. This is deemed most crucial where the group seeks to cut down on costs of making logistical arrangements for all their members to travel to our farm for training.

Farm Visitations / Benchmarking:
We also do 'farm visitations' where farm owners invite us to their farms to conduct training for their farm workers on their premises. This is aimed at building the capacity of these farm workers with a view of improving their performance and efficiency especially during those times they witness challenges either from diseases or such like issues. Under this package we also provide expert advice by making various recommendations to the farm owner with regard to what input they need to make to increase productivity both from their chicken / stock and also their farm workers.

Public Symposiums / Forums:
Additionally, we have in recent times partnered with some public institutions mandated with offering agricultural training to the public to conduct public forums / symposiums where all members of the public are invited to interact with our experts on poultry matters and also make enquiries especially on areas they are facing challenges. Such a forum is like the Seeds of Gold Poultry Farmers Clinic where we partnered with Wambugu Farm Agricultural Training Centre in Nyeri along with Nation Media Group and Egerton University to conduct a free farmers training. A video of this event can be accessed here


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