Date: Saturday, 27th January 2018

Time: 9.30am - 4.30 pm

Venue: Homerange Ruaka Poultry Farm, along Limuru road - Ruaka Town.

Deadline for Booking and Registration:
25th January 2018.


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At Homerange Poultry Kenya, we pride ourselves in sharing knowledge and building the technical know-how of farmers. It is only by empowering poultry farmers with such knowledge that they can start turning their farming ventures into profitable businesses.

Factual Differences between the various Poultry Breeds in the market in Kenya:
With so many breeds flooding the kenyan poultry market, how can a farmer whose starting out be able to distinguish the most profitable to choose and rear? Well, there exist no better, factual and accurate article on this subject matter than the below article. Click on the image below to access the article....


Cost -vs- Financial Return / Profit Analysis in rearing kienyeji chicken:

They say feeding accounts for 80% of the cost of production in poultry farming...well, they are very right...infact, not only have we merely stated this, but in our article below, we have dissected all the realted costs including vaccination, supplementation, water and other related costs to give you an accurate and precise cost of rearing varying quantities of chicken.

Additionally, we have outlined in great detail the expected financial returns from rearing the set quantity of birds just to give you a feel of what kind of financial return / profit is in store for you as a reward for all your effort.

Click on the image below to access the full article...




Improper brooding of chicks can lead to a loss of, sometimes, even an entire batch of chicks. Knowing the required activity to be cnducted on a daily basis can mean the difference between saving an entire brood of chicks and growing them to maturity or losing the entire brood.

Below is a detailed schedule of daily activities to be conducted inorder to ensure optimum brooding managemet is achieved resulting in over 90% of your brood transitioning from the brooder at one month to the main poultry house.

Click on the image below to download the pdf document

Daily Chick Brooding Management Schedule

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Cost of Production / Rearing Kienyeji Chicken CALCULATOR (Microsoft Excel)

Homerange Poultry Product / Price List

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Livestock Population in Kenya (2009 Census_KNBS)

Vaccination Schedule for KARI Improved Kienyeji Chicken_UPDATED 2016

Current list of Homerange Distributors in Kenya

Kenya Poultry Industry Value Chain Analysis_2010_The case of Kiambu, Kilifi,
Vihiga, and Nakuru Districts

Seeds of Gold & Homerange Poultry Farming Tips

Daily Chick Brooding Management Schedule (Updated July 2017)



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