We offer poultry house design ( chicken coop design ) and a list of all the construction materials you need (Bill of Quantities). This will enable you build the ideal house for your chicken. This material will also help you know the full cost of the poultry house that you wish to setup for your flock.

Our poultry house design is of the raised floor poultry house design which is ideal for poultry as it ensures proper biosafety standards are maintained. This results from ensuring that the birds do not stay in their chicken droppings and that these droppings drop down to a different level where they can be collected easily.


The poultry house design is such that half the flock stay on the top floor and the other half on the bottom floor. Thus, if say a house design is for 300 birds, the design is such that 150 birds stay on the top floor and 150 birds on the bottom floor.

Get detailed 3D raised floor chicken house plans (with all dimensions) and a Bill of Quantity (Outlining all the required building materials) and the TOTAL COST OF CONSTRUCTION!

SMS the word HOUSE to 0727 200 116.

Appliable cost for the designs & BQs is from Kshs. 1,500/-

For more details or enquiry please call / sms / whatsapp 0727 200 116.

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