The cost of poultry feed continues to increase leaving MOST farmers incurring huge losses from their poultry farming ventures. Feeding of chicken accounts for 80 - 85% of the total cost of production and hence there is a critical need for farmers to start producing their own poultry feed using locally available materials.

To this end, we are supporting this endeavour of farmers by offering feed formulation services where we prepare a feed formular for a farmer and they can simply source for the outlined raw materials and make their own high quality feeds following the feed formula that we provide.

We develop feed formula for the following specific type of feeds:-

  • Broiler Starter Mash
  • Broiler Grower Mash
  • Broilder Finisher Mash
  • Chick / Starter Mash (For layers chicken)
  • Grower Mash (For layers chicken)
  • Layer Mash (For Layers Chicken)
  • Kienyeji Chick Mash
  • Kienyeji Grower Mash
  • Kienyeji Layer mash

Our feed formulation service seeks to provide both small-scale and largescale farmers with feed formula that adheres to the KEBS standards KS EAS 90:2019 These are the currently applicable standards for all compounded feeds for livestock in the East African region.


The feed formulation that we generate using our Feed Formulation tools ensures that the feeds meet the below nutritional specifications:




To request for a feed formula for your specific type of poultry breed that you are rearing, simply send us an email to or with the details of the BREED OF CHICKEN that you rear.

You may also send us an SMS with the word FORMULA to +254 727 200 116.

Service Charge: Kshs. 10,000/- per formula.

Turn around time: 24 hours from receipt of your payment.

The formula will be sent to you via whatsapp or the email address that you provide.

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