Date: Saturday, 27th January 2018

Time: 9.30am - 4.30 pm

Venue: Homerange Ruaka Poultry Farm, along Limuru road - Ruaka Town.

Deadline for Booking and Registration:
25th January 2018.


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Homerange Outgrowers Programme  

Our OUTGROWERS PROGRAMME seeks to improve the domestic house-hold incomes of individual members while at the same time meeting the market demand for quality and reliable kienyeji chicken and eggs supply.

The key challenge for any poultry farmer is market and the program seeks to address this by centralizing sale and distribution of Kienyeji chicken meat and eggs from members of the program by having Homerange Poultry Kenya collect the Kienyeji chicken products directly from the farmers then using its wide market network to sell and distribute the products. The earnings from these sales are then trickled down to the individual farmer.

The other major challenge is access to affordable but quality poultry feed and to address this issue individual members / farmers shall be supplied on a weekly or monthly basis with feeds from Homerange Poultry Farm that have been formulated to meet the nutritional requirements for Kienyeji chicken. Farmers can purchase the feed in the smallest quantity affordable to them without the need to have large sums of money to purchase whole bags of feeds as is currently the case in the market.

Members of the initiative will also be provided with FREE advice and support to ensure that any challenges that may arise are dealt with promptly to eliminate cases of chicken deaths / mortality .

Under the program, the members will also be supplied with quality KARI Improved Kienyeji chicks when they are at three (3) weeks of age at a subsidizprice of Kshs. 200 each. This is to ensure that by the time the chicks are going into the hands of the farmer, they have received very critical vaccines and they have also grown enough and are past the very delicate stage that day old chicks normally are at.

Please note that the minimum number of chicks a member can place an order for is 100 chicks.

Benefits of being a Homerange Outgrowers Programme member include:-

  • Connecting members to markets directly thus eliminating the need for individual farmers to tarmac looking for a place to sell their chicken.
  • Fast-tracked and timely supply of quality chicks when they are past the delicate age.
  • Beginners' comprehensive poultry training on the best practices that one is required to apply inorder to produce a quality kienyeji chicken.
  • FREE Project setup advice and consultancy inorder to properly plan your project in an efficient manner.
  • Support and Advice to ensure rapid response with regard to disease management and control, thus reducing mortality and ensuring the farmers gets a large flock to maturity.
  • Access to affrodable and quality poultry feed that ensures the cost of production per chicken is low hence enabling members maximise their profits from their venture.


The following are the applicable prices for products under the outgrowers programme:

  • 3-Weeks old chicks @ Kshs. 200 (Minimum purchase 100 Chicks)
  • Kienyeji Chick Mash 50 Kgs bag - Kshs. 2,279
  • Kienyeji Grower Mash 50 Kgs bag - Kshs. 2090
  • Kienyeji Layer Mash 50 Kgs bag - Kshs. 2,125


New members require the following to qualify as members of the programme:-

  • SMS THE WORD 'OUTGROWERS' to 0727 200 116. The system will guide you through the registration process.
  • Make a booking for a slot to attend our next upcoming training. All members MUST attend this training inorder to learn how to produce a quality product as per Homerange standards. Click here for full details of our upcoming poultry farmers training!
  • An existing poultry structure / house (or a space enough to setup a small poultry house for the required chicken).
  • Drinkers and feeders (or willingness and ability to acquire them).
  • Ability to make weekly / monthly poultry feed supply request / order from Homerange (Please see the feed prices above).
  • Time to manage the project either on a daily or weekly basis (or identify a family member who can manage the project on your behalf)
For every investor, it is critical to understand the cost of production and the likely returns on investment. This has been well outlined below.

Cost of Production -vs- Expected Financial Returns from your Investment:

To learn about the expected financial return from rearing a particular number of chicken, please click on the image below for full details:

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