This is a training aligned to the customers requirement. In this training, the customer seeks our services in conducting training at a place / venue of their choice. They also specify the particulat topics with regard to poultry farming that is of interest to them and that they wish to be trained on.

The customer is required to make all necessary arrangements to facilitate the training such as all logistics including ensuring availability of the training venue, transport and accommodation for facilitator / trainer, refreshments and other amenities for the training participants, writing materials for the participants and all other facilities necessary for the succesful conduct of the training by our facilitator.

The customer is required to make advance request via email / call to us with details of the proposed date when they wish the training to take place and the number of participants they expect to take part in the training. We then revert with a confirmation on possibility of availing a traininer on the proposed dates.

This training is ideal for small-scale farmers who have organised themselves into groups as the cost of the acquiring the training is cheaper for the group since a trainer is sent to their location as opposed to an onsite training at our farm which would require logistics to be made for all the participants to ensure they get to our farm, along with accommodation and other facilities being availed to each one of them.


Charges for the training are Kshs. 1,500 per person per day

Minimum Training Participants:

For this training, we require a minimum of 15 participants.

Training Duration:

The training period is a minimum of two (2) days. The customer may also however recommend a longer training period based on their needs.



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