Our Kari Improved Kienyeji Month Old Chicks are of high quality and come fully vaccinated against Mareks disease, Gumboro and Newcastle.

The month old chicks are chicks which we have retained for an additional 4 weeks (1 Month) after they hatch, ensuring that proper brooding is done inorder to attain optimum growth.

We maintain our own parent stock that provides us with high quality fertilized eggs for incubation of our chicks. In so doing, we give a guarantee to our customers that the product we sell them is of high quality and from a well bred, well managed parent stock.

We also apply numerous quality control measures that ensure that the product we provide to our valued customers meets and exceeds international standards. These quality control measures include optimum egg weight check, optimum shell quality check and much much more.

We sell the month old chicks in a cock to hen ratio of 1:1 hence guaranteeing that our valued customers are able to get the highest percentage of fertile eggs from their stock once they start production at 4.5 - 5 months.

Our customer have a host of choice when it comes to the package they wish to purchase. The day old chicks and feeds packages available are as follows:-


Step 1: Identify the package you wish to purchase from the ones outlined above.

Step 2: SMS the word 'MONTH OLD' followed by 'YOUR FULL NAME' followed by 'YOUR SELECTED PACKAGE' (e.g. 'MONTH OLD JOHN DOE FUGA M130') to 0727 200 116. Wait for an automated response from our system and follow the instructions provided.

Step 3: Make your 25% Non-refundable deposit payment via Mpesa as per the instructions on sms then forward the BANK CONFIRMATION MESSAGE you will receive as verification of your payment to 0727 200 116. Our system will confirm receipt of your payment.

Step 4: Kindly await feedback after 12 - 24 hours to confirm that your order has been entered onto our Order List. You will also receive instructions on how to be checking your Order Status on the Customer Updates Whatsapp group.

Thank you!

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