Date: Saturday, 27th January 2018

Time: 9.30am - 4.30 pm

Venue: Homerange Ruaka Poultry Farm, along Limuru road - Ruaka Town.

Deadline for Booking and Registration:
25th January 2018.


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The Seeds of Gold Poultry Farmers Clinic in Nyeri, Kenya!

Through mutually benefitial partnerships, we have been on the fore-front of public-private partnership to ensure that poultry farmers are able to access expert advice on rearing of their chicken inorder to grow their returns from poultry farming.

In the month of September 2015, we partnered with the Nation Media Group, Egerton University and Wambugu Farm ATC to bring to Nyeri County the first ever Seeds of Gold Poultry Farmers clinic that saw over 4700 people attend the event on 17th - 18th September 2015. Below is the video coverage of the event:-


Seeds of Gold TV Show!

Homerange Poultry Kenya, has also been featured on the Seeds of Gold Tv show, Season 2 Episode 1. The coverage basically gives very critical insights into the current status of poultry farming agribusiness in Kenya, with special emphasis on kienyeji chicken! If you thought kienyeji chicken farming was just another simple 'hustlers' venture.....well, think again! It is a multi-billion shilling industry right here in Kenya!


Seeds of Gold Magazine!

Homerange Poultry Kenya was also extensively featured on the Seeds of Gold magazine pullout in the Saturday Nation for Saturday, 26th September 2016. This was with regard to the simple and cheap practices that poultry farmers can adopt to reduce and eliminate diseases in their chicken stocks. Some of those simple practices include using ash as a general disinfectant for the chicken house. Check out the spreads below for more...(Click on image to enlarge)


Kilimo Biashara show (K24 Tv)

In August 2013, our humble endeavours caught the attention of Mr. Paul Gatere, the producer of K24's Kilimo Biashara show. This is an agribusiness show that features various farmers and how they have managed to ride the tide and make money in their various agribusiness sectors. You may find more information about the show on

In this feature, we share some of the 'secrets' that we employ in the rearing of our Kari Improved kienyeji chicken to ensure they are of high quality and deliver optimum production in terms of egg production. These include, how to grow maggots and worms, which are an excellent source of protein for your chicken. See for yourself below....


Citizen Tv's Smart Farm!

In 2014, Citizen Tv's Smart Farm feature that runs during Wednesdays Prime Time bulletin at 9.00pm also covered our farm and highlighted how we were using hydroponics to feed our chicken in an attempt to reduce the cost of feeding our chicken.


Kiambu County Magazine!

Yet again, Homerange Poultry Kenya was featured in the Kiambu County Magazine, July - August 2014, Issue No. 5, a publication by Central Media Group Ltd.


Edge Magazine - July 2016 issue!

Homerange Poultry Kenya was also featured in the Edge Magazine, July 2016 issue. The title of the article was 'Former Lawyer banks on Improved Kienyeji to generate wealth'.

Please click on the link below to read the full feature:-



Daily Nation Online - September 26, 2015!

Daily nation online, in an article titled 'Ash is good for your chicken coop and other lessons from clinic', highlighted key lessons that Homerange Poultry Kenya shared with poultry farmers on some of the best practices one should apply in in poultry farming.

Please click on the link below to read the full feature:-


Other media coverage!

Our endavours in the rearing of the KARI Improved kienyeji chicken has continuously been featured in numerous other outlets, that include (but are not limited to)....

  • The People Daily
  • Biashara Leo Magazine
  • Muuga Fm's, M-Urimi Show (Live Show)
  • Meru Fm, Kaju Ka Murimi Show with Kanana
  • And many many more....
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