HOMEFEEDS Growers Mash is formulated to guarantee optimum growth of your kienyeji chicken with maximum weight gain to ensure best performance as the bird accellerates towards the egg laying stage.

Our Homefeeds Growers Mash further ensures that the kienyeji cockerels / jogoos attain market weight fast while at the same time ensuring that they maintain a high meat, low fat ratio.

It is recommended for kienyeji chicken that are from eight (8) weeks upto eighteen (18) weeks of age.

The feed further contains a proper balance of quality carbohydrate and protein elements that ensures your chicken not only builds weight but also has healthy levels of energy!

It also contains various critical amino acids that helps the birds utilise the various proteins elements contained in the feeds and derive the most from the feeds.

Our feeds also contain various other elements such as anticoccidial additives that are key to help the chick fight off diseases that otherwise would have resulted in high mortality.

Finally, we ensure the feeds are packed with elements that enable the chicks build a strong skeletal frame, healthy beak, scales and a full body feather covering.

With Homefeeds Kienyeji Growers Mash, your kienyeji chicken should be ready for sale for meat in eighteen to twenty weeks tops!

How to Purchase:

For all orders, collection must be done from our Distribution shop at Ruaka town along Limuru road. A quote for delivery cost to your premises may also be requested.

For further enquiries please contact +254 727 200 116 or +254 786 942 052 or email


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