At Homerange Poultry Kenya (HPK), we seek to develop strong mutual partnerships that ensure the success of every poultry farmer. We strongly believe that every investor who makes an investment in poultry farming MUST (not should) get a tidy return on their investment.

We thus offer consultancy services that cover the following:-

How to establish a start-up poultry project (what you require, costing, setup advice and guidance, etc) both for an individual farmer, a group, corporate or 'chama'.

Continuing Project Management and Advisory (CPMA) to increase efficiency and output at an already existing poultry farm.

Poultry Farm Crisis Management (PFCM) where we step in and offer remedial measures and steps to deal with any sort of challenges that any poultry farm is undergoing including diseases, administration and management challenges, resources allocation / shortcoming, etc.

Poultry Entrepreneurship where we offer advice and guidance on how to expand your poultry business and get much larger financial returns from your investment. As we always like to say, there is more to poultry farming than simply meat and eggs!

Market Linkage and Product Supply Chain Management where we seek to connect poultry farmers to markets based on their geographical location and advice them on most profitable products o push into a particular market.

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